fall and jump

The most realistic online parkour game!

Play with friends or random players on servers.

Full&Jump is an action game in which there are 3 modes:

-Capture the crown

-Coin collector

-Laser tag

In the first mode, you have to catch up with the player with the crown in order to pick it up and keep it on yourself until the end of the game for 1 minute, but other players will try to take it away from you.

if you succeed, then you will prevail. This addicting mode features 2 unique maps.

In the future, with the release of new updates, new maps will also be released.

In the second mode, you need to collect coins faster than the other ten people, while you will have to go through various obstacles, as well as other players will interfere with you. For this mode, 5 maps were developed.

Coins will be useful for you to buy new characters who have their own abilities making the game even more interesting and exciting. Can be purchased separately in the in-game store

one very interesting ability.

There is a voice chat in which you can chat with other players. Good luck.


Update 6.3

- Bug fix🔧

- Added holiday decorations on maps

Update 6.0
-New UI design

-Added the ability to sign in with Google

-Added "Report bugs" function (Only works if you are logged into an Epic account)

-Added information when choosing a character